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  • Completely licensed movie catalog thatís 100% legal
  • Earn up to 10% commission on all sales
  • Benefit from cash bonuses based on sales volume
  • Capitalize on a hugely successful, high-traffic generating niche
  • Gain personalized support from Affiliate professionals and staff
Watching movies and television online has never been easier. This revolutionary software gives total control to the user; now they can watch whatever TV shows and movies they want to watch, when they want to watch them, from wherever they want to watch them. This is entertainment without restraints, this is entertainment the way it was meant to be.

Online streaming video services are the top marketing niche on the Internet. Take advantage of a fantastic traffic-generating opportunity and become an Affiliate today!

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Affiliate Bonus Structure

How would you like to earn more on each copy of My-MoviePass you sell? In addition to our 10% commission we are offering, you can also make 1000's more in bonus, the more you sell the more you earn. You can earn over $60,000 in bonus depending on the number of sales made each month.

Please note that you need to have at least 100 sales in a given month to quality for this bonus program.

Important: Please make sure you contact us before the 10th of each month. For more information you can reach us at.

My-MoviePass Promotional Banners

Banners are an essential part of any online marketing approach. We find many webmasters donít take advantage of the power of banners.

We encourage you to us these banners tied to your affiliate links to promote across countless channels. Many advertising networks are far more flexible with banner ads than they are with standard text ads.

Using the right approach, you can literally double your traffic by using content-based and image-driven advertising platforms

Sizes Included:
Visual Examples:
Leaderboard (728 x 90)
Large Leaderboard (768x90)
Banner (468 x 60)
Half Banner (234x60)
Skyscraper (120x600)
Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
Button (125x125)
Small Rectangle (180x150)
Vertical Banner (120 x 240)
Small Square (200 x 200)
Square (250 x 250)
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

My-MoviePass Sales Articles

Articles are immensely helpful in guiding the marketer and the customer properly. These articles are useful for your blog, websites, or email campaigns where you are looking for content and the right pitch.

Feel free to re-write these articles and use them however you please. As flashy as the web is today, it still relies on simple words and content to really deliver the effective messages that marketers want.

My-MoviePass Keywords

Keywords are the core of any online marketing campaign, whether it is paid search or organic seo. These lists are the core keywords for our product, but of course, there are many more.

Use these keywords to get your paid advertising campaigns going or to optimize your blog/website for better conversions when selling our product. In many cases, these simple lists of keywords can be expanded to 1000ís of keywords with just a little bit of work and imagination.

My-MoviePass Promo Tools

One of the most effective tools and practices for increasing conversions is to setup a streamlined process with a recognizable logo/product throughout the sales funnel.

Use our logos when promoting our product on your sites to increase customer retention and increase your conversion rates; customers recognize the look and feel from your site to ours. It creates trust and consistency; both are valuable in generating a successful sales funnel.
Promo Tools: Right click on the image of your choice and select "Save image as"
Logo with background: Large Logo with background: Small

Logo with white background: Large Logo with white background: Small

Logo with transparent background: Large Logo with transparent background: Small

Logo with black background: Large Logo with black background: Small

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Bonus Terms & Conditions:
* Everyone is eligible for the bonus program, there is a minimum of 100 sales that need to be made in order to receive the bonus. The 1 month period is run on "ClickBank Time". 1 Month = March 1st to March 31st, September 1st to September 31st etc.
* This program applies individually to each ClickBank ID
* All bonus payouts must be claimed within 10 days of the following month, failing which you will lose the bonus for the previous month.
* When sending us your affiliate information please write in the subject line "MyMoviePass BonusĒ so that we are aware that you are applying for the bonus program. Send your email to
* The bonus commission will be paid to you directly by us
* All payments will be made in US dollars
* We will not pay you any amounts for activities deemed to be fraudulent or criminal in our discretion
* Refunded sales, charge backs and Clickbank fees do not count towards your total sales count.
Back end sales and discount sales do not count towards the total sales count.
* Bonus payouts will be paid on the 15th of every month for the previous month.
* Bonus payout's will only be paid via PayPal if the amount is below $5000.00
This bonus program can be adjusted or changed at any time.